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Dust Off the SD Cards


It’s hard uploading footage of your recent adventure from the SD card onto the computer and sitting down to edit a sweet video. By sending us your footage through Dropbox, Google Drive, or ICloud Sharing, we put together your adventure the way it all went down. Tell us the story, then show your friends. Perfect for hunting channels, pages, and outdoorsmen wanting to flex their guns on their own camera.

Recreating Your Story


Your story needs to be seen, and editing it is the only way. We've broken down the process to make your project awesome into 5 simple phases. Explore the options available with editing your video in the 'Start Project' portal. 

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Recent Work

A seven by seven Idaho public land bull meets the 6.5 creedmoor with Jacob Borg behind the trigger. Not only does the 320 score make a great birthday present for Jacob, but so do the memories with his son, father, and friends.

Angie’s Moose

A once in a lifetime moose. Dusty and Angie take to Unit 2 in North Idaho after drawing the once in a lifetime tag. The season opens October 1st through the 14th, so Dusty and Angie set aside two weeks for their hunt. There's plenty of moose, but limited time. 

Fowl Skies: Early Season

The season heats up as the weather cools down. Duck hunting in Utah has just opened up and Primitive Cut won't miss the opportunity to whack n' stack. It's In Our Blood.

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