Custom-made Videos for the avid sportsman


Phase 1: Welcome!

Welcome to Primitive Cut!  To begin your video project, fill out the video application form. This form let's you nail down what you want out of us and what you want in your video. It's very beneficial to you and allows you to determine how you want your video to look. After filling out the form, we will contact you shortly about your video. 

Video Application Form

Phase 2: File Transfer

You've filled out the form and we have contacted you, now we will begin phase 2. First, upload your videos to an iCloud folder (share to 208-889-2213), or create a dropbox or google drive folder and share to If you need to send in your SD cards from a camcorder or GoPro, mail to the address listed at the bottom of this page. 

Phase 3: Editing

When we receive the files, we will work through the video application form you filled out, edit according to how you want the finished product to look, and we'll prepare a demo video for you to review. 

Phase 4: Reviews, More Editing

You will review the demo video (through a portal called Discord) and add/remove/make suggestions as to how you want your video altered and fine-tuned. We'll make more changes, and allow you to review and revise the video twice for free. If you continue to add/remove/make suggestions after 2 free revisions, an hourly rate of $35 will be charged in additional to the final video cost. It is best suggested to make suggestions and changes, and plan what you want and need to save cash. To keep our rates low, 2 free revisions have been beneficial to editors and customers as well. 

Phase 5: Final Export, Final Payment

After revisions are complete, we will export the final video, and prepare to send it to you.  In the Store/Checkout, you will have options as to how we will send the video to you. Before we send the video to you, you will select the payment in 'Store/Checkout'  and make sure to add any additional amounts if necessary (DVDs, Storage device, additional hours). We appreciate your business and are excited to work with you! Customers love Primitive Cut!

Pay for your finished video